We've designed the DOC 75 EVO women's chamois for your off-road rides. This chamois provides maximum support and freedom of movement. Thanks to our Cutting Technology, we've achieved a gradual foam thickness, resulting in greater comfort and elasticity.
Distance Image

Medium distance


120 kg/m3


from 2 to 15 mm


H. 32 cm x W. 22 cm


87% Polyester
13% Elastan

Dr Pad


Dr Pad

Cutting Technology

Thanks to this technique, we outline a light, soft and protective shape, useful for avoiding chafing during physical activity.

Dr Pad


Perforating the foam helps make the pad even lighter and more breathable.

Dr Pad

Fabrics With Sublimation Printing

We can apply any type of graphics to your caseback making it unique.

Dr Pad

Antistatic Carbon Wire

The Antistatic Carbon fabric is able to keep the skin dry and fresh. Its carbon threads speed up the evaporation of moisture and protect your body from electrosmog.

Dr Pad

Anti-shock gel

It is a very durable gel that helps dampen vibrations and shocks.

Dr Pad

Poron Plus

Our medical gel is injected directly into the heart of the foam, ensuring the pad lasts longer.

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Worn bike pad?

There is no perfect pad for everyone and on all saddles, so just as there is no eternal pad. For this reason Dr Pad also offers an exclusive pad replacement service aimed at cyclists. So don't throw away your trousers or shorts, make them comfortable again by changing the internal pad.

Contact us and we will give you complete information. It's easy: choose the pad from our catalogue, print the shipping label and send us your trousers.

Dr Pad
Dr Pad
Dr Pad