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The pad is one of the most important accessories for an athlete because it's one of the points of contact between the human body and the saddle. Choosing the one that best suits your physical characteristics is crucial. Thanks to our technologies, we create different types of pads in just a few steps, offering a wide range of choices. Our pads are specially designed to meet all needs and ensure comfort and protection for maximum performance.

Invisible technology,
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We develop all our products with a single goal: to offer the best type of ergonomic pads to allow athletes to achieve outstanding performance safely.
We have technologies and tools that are suitable for developing the ideal pad for each athlete, ensuring extreme comfort for all.

made in Italy

We always pay attention to the quality of our products. We produce our fabrics in our facilities in Italy, choosing only high-quality raw materials, such as polyamide or polyester microfibers that are safe for health. The design of our products is Made in Italy, a label that indicates our excellence in terms of creativity and manufacturing.

Cutting technology

Cutting Technology is a proprietary technology of DR PAD that won the prestigious IF Award in 2010. It was designed to obtain an ultra-light and seamless pad by eliminating superfluous parts. Multilayers are no longer necessary, thus obtaining pads with absolute breathability and comfort.

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Cutting Technology won the IF Award.

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Thanks to these techniques, we outline a shape light, soft and protective, useful for avoiding chafing during physical activity.

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Gel injection

Our Gel Injection Plus technology allows us to add medical gel inserts to the pads while maintaining their lightweight and breathability. With this system, we have control over the shape of the inserts, their thickness, and the amount of injected gel, allowing for customization as well.

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Sublimation printing

With our sublimation printing service, we can apply any type of graphics, making the pad unique. From design to material selection and graphics, we follow all our projects in detail, providing an efficient and comprehensive service.

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This technology allows for the creation of seamless pads with different densities by assembling them using heat. In this way, we ensure maximum protection, breathability, and comfort.

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