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How to choose the perfect cycling pad for you

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Everything you need to know about cycling pads: how to choose the perfect one for you.

Cycling is a sport that requires not only a good bike, but also the right clothing to ensure optimal comfort and performance during your rides. One of the key elements of cycling clothing is the pad, an essential component to ensure comfort during long and intense sessions in the saddle.

What is a cycling pad?

The pad is the part of cycling clothing designed to provide effective cushioning, reduce friction, and absorb shocks during cycling. Pads are made of technical materials that offer breathability, durability and comfort.

How to choose the perfect pad for you

Type of cycling: Consider the type of cycling you do. If you're a road cyclist, you might prefer a thinner, snug-fitting pad to maximise efficiency. If you're a mountain biker, you might opt for a thicker, more durable pad to cope with uneven terrain.

Cycling duration: The duration of your pedalling will influence your choice of pad. If you train for long distances or participate in long-distance races, you may prefer a pad with thicker padding to ensure comfort even after hours in the saddle.

Size and fit: Make sure the pad fits your body correctly. Check the size and fit of the pad to avoid chafing or chafing while riding. Try different models and brands to find the one that best suits your morphology.

Materials and technologies: Examine the materials and technologies used in the pad. Look for breathable materials that promote ventilation and moisture management to keep your skin dry and reduce the risk of chafing. Some pads have antibacterial technologies to keep you cool while riding.

Choosing the right pad is essential to fully enjoy the cycling experience. Consider the type of cycling you do, the duration of your rides, the size and fit, and the materials and technologies used. With the right attention to your choice of padding, you will be able to ride with comfort and confidence, and enjoy the pleasure of being on your bike.

If you are still not satisfied with the pad of your bib shorts, you can contact us for a replacement; we will recommend the one best suited to your needs. Find out more in the section Re//Pad.

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