Winning Technology

Our experience is reflected in all the technologies we have improved and applied to our products over the years. Dual Press, from which Dr Pad was spun off, is able to build any type of machinery and meet highly specific customer requests. Not only design; we provide technical support to offer a comprehensive service as we develop your projects.

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Over the years, the quantitative tests carried out on our products have strengthened our experience as pad designers. Extensive on-road, off-road and on-track feedback has allowed us to further improve our skills. Our customers can choose reliable products from our catalogue, or ask us to develop custom projects, which we will take from the initial idea through to the finished product.



Dr Pad uses revolutionary technology to offer ultimate comfort. By eliminating unnecessary parts, the padding is ultra light, while the reduced amount of material ensures maximum flexibility, resulting in less frictional resistance and greater comfort. This technology eliminates the need for multi-layer fabrics, and thereby improves breathability by achieving countless levels of transition densities.
Also, there is no need for seams, which usually cause friction and chafing against the saddle. Lighter, more breathable, more comfortable. Still not convinced?



Through a patented system, medical gel is injected into the very heart of our pads, making it possible to create customised shapes, designed to cover the main impact points. This system gives us full control over the shape of our pads, their thickness and the amount of injected gel. The disadvantages of gel – which is heavy and non breathable – are reduced to a minimum, emphasising the material’s shock-absorption properties.



The manufacturer of Dr Pad-branded protections has thirty years of experience in plastic thermoforming; in addition, it has always stood for the production and use of customised machinery, specifically designed for each production process. This vast technical expertise has led to the creation of Dr Pad products, which are now used by leading manufacturers of cycling clothing worldwide.