Re//Cycle is the Pad product line with technical fabrics from recycled raw materials

Being in step with the times means dedicating oneself to innovation, to the search for better alternatives; it also means creating new products with an approach that is sensitive to the environment and attentive to the materials chosen.

Recycled and bio-based fabrics: Our commitment starts from the choice of yarns made of recycled plastic, with castor seeds, without impact on the food chain. Performance and Ecology are the values that guide us in the choice of your fabrics.

Foam recycling: accumulating large amounts of waste foam is not a practice that we can afford for a long time if we consider our impact on the environment. For this reason we differentiate the materials to deliver them to companies that can reuse or recycle them.

LCA – Life Cycle Assessment: is a certified technique for assessing the environmental impacts associated with all phases of a product’s life, from the extraction of raw materials through processing, production, distribution, use, repair and maintenance of materials, to disposal or recycling.



Technical fabrics from
recycled raw materials.


as a grass lawn.


This project respects
the environment.