Materials designed to last

Our watchword is absolute quality. All the materials we choose are made entirely in Italy.  There is always room for improvement, so we have developed new compounds with foam manufacturers, and new fabrics, in collaboration with prestigious brands. Our continuous research into materials has sparked a multiplier effect, which allows us to always have the most innovative, high-performance materials.



The key features of polyurethane foam are: DENSITY i.e. the weight of the foam per cubic metre, and BEARING CAPACITY, that is its actual resistance to an applied load. Finally, RESILIENCE, which identifies the loss of load bearing capacity over time: a good foam does not flatten with use, as it preserves its flexibility and resistance. At Dr Pad, we consider these three parameters to select our foams, which must be light and breathable, but at the same time resilient and flexible.



Breathability is one of the main variables that make our pads comfortable and efficient. We have developed a foam perforation technique with holes of varying diameters according to the material’s different densities to always provide the right support and maximum breathability.



poronThis revolutionary material absorbs kinetic energy to offer protection from shocks and vibrations. It fits perfectly to the body because it is light and flexible; these properties make it durable and ensure high performance over time.



Premium chamois by Dr Pad have gel inserts which guarantee a high level of absorption of shock and vibrations transmitted by the bike to the cyclist’s body, in the contact area of the saddle.
Gel ensures the perfect comfort during all kind of rides, the longest ones and the rough-path rides included.
Gel Injection Plus technology, used by Dr Pad, eliminates all negative features of the Gel inserts, giving back the best performance on a breathable, comfortable and soft pad.



We have obtained this new, naturally breathable, anti-bacterial and antistatic pad by adding carbon threads to the fabric. Carbon antistatic absorbs and disperses static electricity protecting the cyclist’s body from electrosmog and keeping the skin dry and fresh through carbon fibres, which  speed up the evaporation process.