Innovative experience

The founders of the Dr Pad brand have always developed the most appropriate technologies for manufacturing cycling pads. With their experience, expertise and initiative, they have been able to turn their ideas into reality, creating most of the company’s equipment and machinery. This allows us to offer a comprehensive customer service, including attentive product development and design, to offer highly customisable, 100% made-in-Italy pads. All Dr Pad products are the result of an idea that was turned into a unique solution through technology and experience.



This is where we start. By cutting, we outline the right shape: protective where necessary, light and soft where rubbing should be avoided. It is the first step to create our products, from which ideas start to take shape.


Officially called Cutting Technology, the 3D cutting process is still our workhorse. This process defines the very soul of our pads.
The Cutting Technology won the IF Award in 2010 and still is the most effective technique to make an excellent pad.



Extreme performance requires more protection, more support, more research. While gel is particularly effective to this end, its use is also controversial, being heavy, non breathable, and difficult to install. We have minimised the disadvantages of gel through our Gel Injection Plus, the most effective technology to add gel inserts to a cycling pad.


With the sublimation printing technique, we can decorate our pads with all kinds of graphics. We help our
customers choose materials and designs, offering a comprehensive service for each project.



Temperature, pressure and thermoforming time are the three variables that separate a good pad from an ordinary one. The possibility of adjusting these parameters is crucial to getting the best out of this technology. In order to have full control, we have built our own machines. And you can tell the difference.