We never stop seeking innovation, which is why we constantly test our products with mechanical and strength tests. We know that there are several variables at play – the saddle, which comes in a variety of shapes to suit each type of riding, the addition of pads and the athlete’s physical build – and it is our job design the most suitable product each time. Dr Pad aims to enable as many cyclists as possible to achieve the highest level of performance; this is why we constantly develop new types of pads to suit the specific needs of each athlete.

Tests carried out with professional teams in collaboration with the University of Padua have made it possible to enhance our products with top-notch technological and scientific research.

In addition to using exclusive skin-friendly materials, Dr Pad protections meet specific anthropometric parameters.


Cycling is an activity which is deeply connected with the environment, be the cyclist an outstanding grimpeur, or a wise daily commuter. Dr Pad, producer of one of the most important part of a cyclist outfit, the chamois pad, is committed to care about that environment in each step of production. We recently introduced DR…


The perfect pad for every cyclist and on every route doesn’t exist, but Dr Pad is here to tell you which is the right pad to reach the greatest comfort during your riding performances. The pad inside cycling shorts is not only an accessory but it significantly helps to define the level of performances on…


In the last years cycling has gone through specialization in every aspect of the discipline. You can find a lot different kind of bikes, dedicated for easy seaside rides to hard downhills, in the middle we have bikes for long distance road races, for stage races, for track sprints o triathlons. This is only from…

In search of the perfect performance

To develop and design the technical features of cycling pads, Dr Pad decided to team up with researchers and biomechanical engineers who work to provide cyclists with innovative solutions for improved comfort and performance.