The new long distance pad
Long Distance


Sizes: 22x37cm

Densities 90 – 120 kg/m3
Fabric 80% Polyamide 20% Elastan
Thicknesses 2 to 15 mm

Our new creation encapsulates all our experience in the field of cycling pads; we have tried to emphasise the positive aspects of previous models, while getting rid of negative ones. This pad has been designed with the latest materials, making it the most advanced in the market. At the same time, we also offer versions featuring more traditional materials, which is why our customers continue to choose Dr Pad. The most important feature of our pads is the design of support areas. We reviewed our flagship products, listened to our testers’ and customers’ feedback, and worked on shapes and thickness. Don’t be misled by smooth, slightly marked designs, as the real soul of our pads is invisible: it is only revealed when you start riding.

  • Bacteriostatic treatment

  • Rapid transpiration

  • High elasticity