Certifications and milestones


The Legality Rating is an instrument developed by the Italian Competition and Market Authority (AGCM) in agreement with the Departments of Interior and Justice; it adds value to companies operating in accordance with the principles of legality, transparency and social responsibility.
Dual Press is a trustworthy company, proven by this rating: fairness, honesty and respect are important values that we try to communicate throughout our entire operation.


Creditworthiness is the economic and financial reliability of a subject and influences the financial risk associated with credit delivery in its favor. Whether our investment is large or small, it’s important to know our money is in good hands. Dual Press Has an A + rating; a guarantee of solidity, safety and stability over time.



UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001 certification is a world-wide standard used to increase trust in products and services provided by companies, (1) between business partners in B2B relationships, (2) in the choice of suppliers and (3) in the selection of tender applicants. ISO has published the ISO 9001 standard and develops international voluntary standards to promote the good practice in the conduct of business on a global basis. The ISO 9001 certification, another flagship achieved by Dual Press, is meant to ensure our customers receive a high quality product, a timely service, and attentive care.


IF Material Award 2010

Cutting Technology is a revolutionary advancement, engineered exclusively to produce products with total comfort. The chamois is super light, thanks to the elimination of unnecessary parts, the elasticity is at its maximum thanks to a reduced presence of material, so there will be less resistance to friction and more relief. With this technology, multi layer system is no longer needed and breathability is maximized.With this technology we completely eliminate seams, which cause friction and discomfort for the user. Lighter, more breathable and more comfortable; these are the benefits of Cutting Technology.



(Patent no. 1425664 – 03/11/2016)

We created this technology to eliminate gel-based problems. Gel is hard to bond or sew, as it tends to migrate from the touch point and bend or fold over itself. This creates an uncomfortable spot for the user and can lead to greater problems over time. With Gel Injection Plus, a medical gel is injected into the core of the pad through a patented system, allowing it to be inserted into custom shapes targeting common pressure points.
This system allows you to have full control over the shape of the inserts, their thickness and on the amount of gel injected. You are no longer limited to the general disadvantages of gel inserts, which are heavy and non-breathable, and can emphasize on the shock-absorption qualities of the material itself.


(Patent no. WO2017130229 – 12/2015)

In the pursuit of continuous improvement, details become fundamental in crafting more advanced and comfortable products every day. A standard pad needs to bend in an uncommon shape to lie correctly on the saddle to properly support the user. Often, this may result in a defective adherence to the crotch, with the increased possibility of chafing and irritation. With our new technology, DP Reverse, the support foam is cut symmetrically to the traditional method, and perfectly adapts to the natural contour of the cyclist’s pelvic area as well as to the surface of the saddle.