Esiste il fondello perfetto?

The perfect pad for every cyclist and on every route doesn’t exist, but Dr Pad is here to tell you which is the right pad to reach the greatest comfort during your riding performances.

The pad inside cycling shorts is not only an accessory but it significantly helps to define the level of performances on two wheels. Cycling pad is the heart of comfort on the saddle and it is the most important intermediary between athlete and mean of transport. The problems arising from a wrong choice should definitely not be underestimated: in a short time, they may lead to very annoying and pretty hard to forget consequences.

Quality of the fabrics and density of the foams are the characteristics that make a difference for a good pad: fabrics should be soft and fresh; a bacteriostatic treatment should be done on the surface, to prevent the bacterial growth; the foam should be manufactured not to present steps among supported and surrounding zones or firm areas.

Furthermore, to get on the saddle and ride without troubles towards the finish line, it is equally important to choose the model which suits the most the specific needs, which depend on the anatomical structure and on the cycling specialty. (road or track cycling, MTB, triathlon, ecc…) The points where body mainly unloads its weight on the saddle vary also depending on the bicycle type: on a mountain bike, ischial tuberosities and pelvic bones areas need more support, whereas on a road bike, we need to support the perineal zone, as cyclist position leans forward.

How do I know if it is the right pad for me? For sure, the most effective test is on the road, but knowing the product and the personal needs helps in avoiding unpleasant surprises.

We want to allow every cyclist to deliberately choose the right pad; that’s why we call on you to follow Dr Pad, that for 20 years has been designing and manufacturing solutions for the production of cycling pads.